Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh, &#%@

Just started Belmont MBA classes this week, and I'm a little freaked out! My 4 classes are going to kill me, I think. No actually, I will be fine. Maybe I won't. Who knows?? We'll see in 10 weeks when I have 4 classes out of the way....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Go Belmont Bruins!

Jen and I went to our first Belmont men's basketball game last night. Since I'll be going to school there, I decided to start watching their games, right? I love how intimate the Curb is for games- I'll be going to as many home games as I can. Jen loves going to see a sport where we don't have to sit outside in the cold or heat! haha. Belmont usually has a pretty solid men's team, as you know- they did almost pull off a huge upset to Duke in the NCAA tournament back in 2008! Jen caught a T-shirt at the game:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Avett Brothers / Jen and I's proposal video

I started listening to these guys early in 2010, and I believe I first listened to the song "I And Love and You" back when Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows raved on Twitter about how much he loved the song and album of the same name (from the Avett Brothers.) I was thrilled when the 2010 Bonnaroo lineup was announced, because the Avett boys from North Carolina were on the bill.

The Avett Brothers were my favorite show from that whole weekend, with Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder rounding out my top 3. So, Jen, Erin Burr, and I went to St. Louis to see the Avetts and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals in September. My Mom, (stepdad) Mark, Jen and I went to see the Avetts at their Halloween show at the Ryman, and a while back, I convinced Jen to go and see the Avetts (yes, again) at their New Year's Eve show in Asheville, NC! That will be a blast. Jen is going on that trip so that she can see the Biltmore Estate, haha. The boys with their new haircuts:

ALSO, I wanted to put the link to Jen's blog on here, because if you are interested- head on over to see the new version of the proposal video that Jen put together! That girl has some crazy good editing skills. Link is below.

Jen's blog with the new video!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


One last post for today. This guy is pure, 100% rock and roll in the best way- no doubt about it.

Accounting, Belmont, and the wedding..

I am finishing up my second Accounting class, and I do not understand how anyone would actually want to do this 40+ hours a week!! Awful. My least favorite subject ever. There are definitely some people in this world that I just don't understand.

I am pretty excited to start at Belmont in January, and go for this M.B.A., along with the Music Business classes that I'll take. Being a full-time student again is pretty interesting- ahh, reminds me of the good 'ol days at OU when I lived on a student budget- just like now.

Also- holy COW, it is insane how expensive it is just to rent a wedding venue for one freakin' day/night in Nashville. I just want to marry this girl, but I don't want to spend $15k to do it! Spending that kind of money on a wedding just seems nuts to me. I am nuts about Jen, and we'll be married in 2011- and that's really all that matters to me on the wedding front. It WILL be a good party.

We need a coach, and a quarterback!

Jeff Fisher's uber-conservative nature, and Vince Young's childish antics, have both rubbed me raw enough. This Titans team needs these two guys- as the head coach and quarterback, although I know this will not happen.